The Dogs Will Have Their Day

Apart from snagging the title of “Best Dog Run with a Singles Scene” in New York Magazine, the McCarren Park Dog Run can add a brand new fence to its list of props: Thanks to the Open Space Alliance, Assemblyman Joe Lentol and neighborhood dog lovers, come fall our community’s canines will be able to enjoy a brand (mostly) new historical black iron fence that will protect the pooches from traffic and other dangers.
“There’s an area that’s not professional fencing, and at some point it will deteriorate,” said Christine Murray, a dog owner who has been particularly active in discussions surrounding the McCarren Park dog run. “As a community over the last three and a half years we’ve raised money and replaced problematic areas of fencing, and this is the last of it that needs to be replaced.”
While replacing the temporary fencing in the McGolrick Park dog run was completed last month, work on standardizing the fencing at the McCarren Park dog run will begin in the upcoming weeks. Plans to replace the makeshift fences in both of Greenpoint’s largest parks began last fall, and the renovations are primarily being funded by Lentol—who donated $9,312 for improvements in both dog runs. However, replacing the fencing in McGolrick dog run cost upwards of $12,000, at which time the Open Space Alliance offered to contribute $5,000 to the cause. Both parties have since committed themselves to making sure the McCarren run doesn’t get short shrift.
“I can proudly say we are making great progress on improving our neighborhood dog runs,” Lentol said at a planning meeting last week. “When I met with representatives of the respective dog runs, I was told that proper fencing was the primary concern in keeping their dogs safe and I was able to secure funding, which was supplemented by OSA, to make it happen. As a dog owner, I can easily sympathize with others who want to see improvements in the environments in which their dogs play. In the future, I look forward to addressing the further needs of dog owners in the growing communities of my district.”
Currently, the fencing surrounding the McCarren Park dog run is a combination of chain-link fence, temporary wire barriers and historical black iron fencing—the iron fencing makes up nearly three quarters of the hodge-podge partition. Recently the Park’s Department decided to standardize the fences in Sternberg Park as well, and in doing so uprooted a portion of black iron fencing, which will in turn be installed in McCarren, to match the already existing iron fencing stock.

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