Police Blotters: 94th Precinct

Warring Clan

A 26-year-old man was attacked by his cousin on the morning of July 31, according to police.

The victim was walking along North 6th Street, when his cousin jumped on him from behind and flung him to the ground.

The fall caused the victim to suffer lacerations on both his knees.

The perp then put the victim in a chokehold causing the latter to faint, and then fled the scene.

Snazzy Burglar

A suited-up thief with a penchant for costume jewelry? You heard that right!

In a home invasion that occurred on the night of August, a North 5th Street resident caught a burglar dressed in a black suit attempting to steal costume jewelry from his bedroom, according to police.

The victim, 30, had left his door unlocked to pick up some groceries.

When he returned 20 minutes later, he heard a sound in his bedroom.

The perp tried to make to a run for it, but the victim obstructed his exit which caused the perp to drop the costume jewelry he had grabbed from the bedroom, and flee the apartment.

Robbing Movers

A 44-year-old woman fell victim to a Craigslist movers scam on July 29, according to police.

The victim said three men who claimed to represent the moving company she had hired appeared on her Nassau Avenue doorstep on the morning of July 29.

They were driving a white truck with graffiti drawn all over it.

The perps moved the victim’s boxes and bags to the truck, but never showed up at her new apartment.

Multitasking Madness

A 19-year-old was robed while walking her dog and strolling her baby along North 3rd Street on July 30, according to police.

The victim said the perp came from behind, reached into her pocked, grabbed her cell phone, and ran away on foot.

No one was injured in the incident.

Shady Pedestrian

A woman was robbed while waiting to meet her realtor about a potential apartment, according to police.

The victim was waiting in front of the apartment on Clay Street on July 31 around 4:30 p.m. when she was approached by a stranger who asked for a cigarette.

The victim had left her bag with all her belongings on a ledge in front of the building.

The perp then began moving in increasingly close to the victim, which made her uncomfortable.

She turned sideways and got on a phone call, but when she turned around the perp was gone.

The realtor arrived shortly afterward, and it is only then she realized that her wallet, debit cards, and metrocard were missing from her handbag, which she picked up as she went to check out the apartment.

Cell Phone Snatcher

A 19-year-old was robbed of her cell phone while walking home from work just after 5 p.m. on July 31, according to police.

The victim said she was walking along the intersection of Richardson and Lorimer when a stranger approached from behind and grabbed her cell phone right out of her hand, and fled on foot.

Apartment Scam

A woman fell victim to an apartment scam when she unwitting remitted over $3,000 to an unknown man, according to police.

The victim said he found the apartment on Craigslist, and wrote to the person who posted the ad for an apartment on Huron Street.

The perp asked her to wire $3,400 and meet her in front of the apartment the following day.

He never showed up, and stopped answering the victim’s texts, emails, and phone calls.

Fleeing Tickets

A car thief fled when he was being written up for making a wrong turn on July 30 just after 6 p.m., according to police.

The officer had stopped the van at the intersection of Greenpoint Avenue and Jewel Street, and was about to write up a ticket, when the perp fled on foot.

It turned out that the truck was stolen from a nearby location in Greenpoint and that the man had open warrant out for his arrest in New Jersey.


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