Police Blotters 90th Precinct

iPhone Theft

A 31-year-old woman was robbed while entering her apartment on South 8th Street on the night of July 27.

The victim said she was trying to call her neighbor to let her into her apartment building.

As the neighbor approached to let her in, a man walking along the street, snatched the phone out of the victim’s hand and fled towards Bedford Avenue.


A 26-year-old man walking along Lee Avenue was attacked by a gang of young men in the afternoon of July 26.

The victim said he was approached by a group of men, as he was about to get something to eat.

One of the perps yelled something indecipherable at the victim, and a second punched him in the left side of the stomach, causing bleeding.

The perps fled the scene on foot.

Seizure Attack

A 29-year-old had a seizure only to be robbed in the process.

The victim said he was walking along Bushwick Avenue on the night of July 18, when he suffered an epileptic seizure, which lasted about 35 seconds, and fell to the sidewalk.

A man passing by decided to take advantage of the situation, and made off with the victim’s social security card and $50 in cash.

The perp fled on foot towards the Bushwick houses.

Stolen iPhone

A 34-year-old man was robbed while waiting to board the bus, according to police.

The victim said he was waiting at the intersection of Rodney and Grand Streets, and checking the bus schedule on his iPhone, when two teenagers approached and snatched it out of his hand.

Modeling Payments Trouble

An aspiring model received a modeling job from Backstage, a magazine that consists of auditions and casting calls.

She received numerous emails from Gold Lake Photography and booked a modeling job from them.

After her modeling job, she received a check the next day with instructions to keep a payment on wardrobe upgrade. She was supposed to receive $3,918.60.

Her bank informed her that entity was nonexistent.

Missing Bank Card

A 54-year-old female discovered her bank card was missing. She reported the missing card on the morning of July 9th at the bank’s Wythe Avenue location.

She realized that $85 was removed from her bank. She didn’t authorize anyone to withdraw money. She doesn’t know when or where her bank card was misplaced.

Stolen Wallet

A 47-year-old male was having breakfast with his friends at Northeast Corner of Broadway and Haven Street on July 22.

He realized he lost his wallet. His bank called to notify about a current purchase at Footlocker for $346.29. The bank also notified him that a few purchases at a food restaurant were made.

Attack Over Phone

A 25-year-old female was walking on Leonard Street on the evening of July 24, 2014.

An unknown person walked behind her and punched her on the face, removed her cell phone, and fled on bicycle.


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