Jeff Mann PS 34 Art Teacher Lisa Summa and this year's Art Parade participants Jeff Mann

Art Parade Brings Out P.S. 34’s Inner Warhols and Kahlos

On an overcast Friday morning, the students of P.S. 34 brightened their schoolyard, dressed to the nines in colorful costumes, as ‘90s tunes blared in the background.

Parents and family members formed a protective, enthusiastic ring around the marching students, cheering on their kids, snapping pictures, waving from the crowd, or hoisting their toddlers on their shoulders to catch a glimpse of the show.

It was the school’s annual art show – with students from each grade parading in costumes based on the artists they had studied over the course of the year.

This year, much like many others in the past, did not disappoint in creativity or eclecticism – students dressed up as everything from Campbell’s soup cans to abstract colorful dots painted around their clothes.

Grades one through five each had a different artist assigned to them: Henry Matisse, Keith Haring, Wassily Kandinsky, Frida Kahlo, and Andy Warhol.

A large group of fourth graders channeled Kahlo wearing versions of her iconic self-portraits – garlanded hair, elegant shawls wrapped around the neck, and the distinct unibrow.

Not to be left behind, a fifth-grader went all out on his impression of Warhol – platinum blond wig, large-framed glasses, dark clothes, and a custom-made film camera.

Classes took turns to parade in their outfits, making rounds of the schoolyard, as family members cheered on.

“I love that this is the culmination of the year for the students and such a great way for the community to come together,” said Lisa Summa, the art teacher at the school. “I really think the students did a great job. They were really inspired by the artists they studied, and that’s why I do what I do.”

Students from each grade were then handed out prizes for best costumes – focusing on the most creative interpretations of their themes.

And just as the skies gave way to a light drizzle, the prizes distributed, students marched back to class, to count down the final days before the long summer vacation.


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