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P.S. 196 and M.S. 582 Ring In 10th Annual Career Day

The students of P.S. 196 and M.S. 582 have the world at their feet – doctors, lawyers, acrobats, dancers, musicians – the options available to the students are unending, and last Wednesday the students at the school were treated to just some of those career possibilities at the school’s 10th annual Career Day.

Over a 120 professionals from fields as varied as medicine, law, trapeze artistry, basketball, and reality TV attended Wednesday’s daylong presentations.

Career Day was held as a joint event between the elementary and middle schools co- located in the same Bushwick Avenue building.

Each professional spent about 30 minutes in each of the classrooms they visited, giving students a chance interact with at least half a dozen guests.

“It really exposes the children to a number of careers they might not have known about otherwise,” said Janine Colon, the principal at P.S. 196. “We ask our guests to tell our students about the qualities expected of good employees, and it also ties in nicely with the college and career readiness for the students.”

In fact students are encouraged to dress up – several did wearing ties, tucked in shirts, and smart dresses – and others still were encouraged to dress up according to the professions they were most interested in – those interested in dance for example were in more elaborate, colorful garb.

While Career Day has been held at both schools for several years, it is the first time the schools conducted the event together. In recent years both schools have seen marked improvements. Colon, the principal at P.S. 196 mentioned that when she started as principal just over 10 years ago, the school was one of the lowest performing in the district, and today it is at the forefront of producing well-rounded students.

Brian Walsh, the principal at M.S. 582 expressed a similar sense of accomplishment. He has been the principal since the school opened in the same building as P.S. 196 10 years ago. Last year the school received a 21st Century grant particularly geared toward the field of Math and ELA. In fact, the school has seen tremendous improvements particularly in the last two years, from an overall D grade awarded by the Department of education three years ago, that grade has now gone up to an A.

“I just hope the school continues to grow every year,” said Walsh. “I want the students here to have a shot at the best things out there.”

Walsh credits cooperation between both schools for engendering a positive change.

“We’re very open with each other, and the spirit of cooperation and togetherness is very important to us moving forward,” he added.


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