P.S. 132 Celebrates 10 years of the Kite Festival on Sunday

Each year hundreds of kids line up along the Williamsburg waterfront holding on to strings attached to kites soaring up in the North Brooklyn sky, one flying faster and higher than the next.

This year will be no different when students from P.S. 132 The Conselyea School come out to CitiStorage at the meeting of North 11th Street and the East River to partake in the 10th annual celebration of the Kite Festival that the school puts together.

But more importantly the celebration also serves as the school’s annual fundraising drive – particularly geared towards funding the arts program and science labs at the school – two aspects that have taken severe beatings in recent years due to budget cutbacks on part of the city’s department of education.

Sunday’s festivities will include a whole array of arts and crafts – parents helping kids make kites, a table dedicated to making hula-hoops with recycled materials, and tattoo and balloon making tables.

It’s a chance for the young artists and musicians among the students to take the stage as well. Students from the school’s senior band and theater program will be performing along with a host of student led performances.

Funding in large part is provided by Elaine and Norm Brodsky, both of whom donate the space along the waterfront and provide the food at the event.

“It’s a great way to meet the school and a way for the whole community to get together,” said Judith Pecorino, the woman in charge of organizing the festival at P.S. 132. “It’s a difficult event to put together but seeing the kids’ faces just makes it wonderful and we would lose the diversity of students we have at the school if we were forced to remove the arts.”

In its first year the Kite Festival managed to raise $7,000. Last year that number had increased to $40,000, and the school is looking to top that number again this year.

P.S. 132 Annual Kite Festival, CitiStorage, 5 North 11th St. and Kent Avenue, June 8, 12-5 p.m.


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  1. Come make amaze-a-twirlers, studded leather wrist cuffs, beaded jewelry, butterfly and bat wings, and more! Dance with Audra Rox and the VillaLobos Brothers! Groove along with the I.S. 318 Band! Eat amazing barbeque and fresh home made salads! Ride the rides! admire the view! and so much more!!!

    Kate Yourke · Jun 6, 11:35 AM · #

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