Police Blotters: 90th Precinct

Knifed in the Back

A 21-year-old man was knifed in the back by an unknown assailant just after 5 p.m. on April 23rd, according to police.

The victim told police that he was walking along Keap Street when he was approached by an unknown man. A physical altercation ensued between the pair.

The latter then pulled out a knife and slashed the victim in the back.

He required stitches to his upper right back and right triceps.

The victim was unable to provide any physical description of his assailant.

Pizzeria Robbery

A Flushing Avenue Pizzeria was robbed of close to $250 three unknown assailants on April 22nd, according to police.

The victim, who happened to be working at the pizzeria at the time of the robbery, told police that three men entered the shop and demanded to buy a pizza with a fake $20 bill.

When the employee declined to acquiesce, one of the perps grabbed his arms, another grabbed $200 out of his shirt pocket, and the third grabbed the tip jar placed on the front counter.

The victim saw the assailants flee on a B57 bus westbound on Flushing Avenue.

14-year-old Attacked by Fellow Teens

Three teenaged girls savagely attacked a 14-year-old girl outside of 155 Siegel Street on April 22nd around 8 p.m., according to police.

The victim told police that one of the girls cut her forehead and her forearm with an unknown sharp object while the other two punched her about the head and throat.

The perps fled on foot in an unknown direction.

The victim was taken to Woodhull Hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Brazilian Attacked

A 37-year-old Brazilian man was punched and robbed of his possessions at the intersection of South 5th Street and Havemeyer Street at about 10 a.m. on April 20th, according to police.

The victim told police he was walking southbound on South 5th towards Marcy Avenue when two men came up to him from behind and pushed him to the ground.

They started punching him about the face until he lost consciousness.

When he awoke, he realized they had made off with most of his possessions – a Brazilian passport and driver’s license, Visa card, iPhone and an American Express traveler’s card.

Police are continuing to investigate the robbery.

Christian Forgiveness

A 28-year-old Christian Youth Minister was robbed of her cell phone while riding the G train towards Queens on April 4th – but she decided not to report the incident because she thought the robber might have been a less fortunate individual who required a cell phone, according to police.

But three weeks later the woman received a rude shock when she realized the man had sold it on eBay for $95.

The suspect had accidently given out the victim’s phone number, and on the afternoon of April 26th, the victim received a phone call inquiring about the sale of her stolen phone.

She was able to determine from the caller that the phone was being sold by an individual in Queens who managed to get a final offer of $95 on the stolen phone he had posted on eBay.

Police are continuing to investigate the matter.

$5000 Stolen from ATM

A newly replenished ATM on Grand Street was robbed of $5000 on April 22nd, at about 5:30 a.m., according to police.

An eyewitness told authorities that he saw two men with ski masks exit the building and dash off in black Chevy on Grand street.

Further investigation revealed that the locks to the building had been broken dismantled and the ATM was discovered emptied.

Police identified one of the suspects to be wearing a yellow hoodie through the video surveillance available at the scene.

Police are continuing to investigate the matter.

Struck by Ex-Husband

A 34-year-old woman was attacked by her ex-husband inside of her apartment on Devoe Street on April 27th just after midnight, according to police.

The victim said that her husband had come over to visit their children.

They drank a few beers together before he grabbed a metal window guard and began to strike her and beat her repeatedly on the head.

The ex-husband fled the scene after the attack, and the woman is being treated for her injuries.

A Stone’s Throw

A 9-year-old riding his bike in front of Union Avenue on April 25th was hit by a flying rock aimed at him, according to police.

The authorities suspect a 12-year-old lobbed a rock over the gate of the building where the boys live.

The 9-year-old was struck on his forehead and was treated on the spot. Police are still looking for the miscreant.

Gang Attack

A 22-year-old man was attacked by a gang of 15 on the evening of April 24th, according to police.

The victim told authorities that he was walking along Union Avenue around 6 p.m. when he was approached by a group of 15 men.

“Are you a Latin King,” one of the assailants yelled at the victim, and then swung a punch towards his face and missed.

“Go get him,” he screamed at the rest of the group, agitated that he had missed. “F**k him up!”

A second assailant threw a bat at the victim, but missed, and yet another chased him and attempted to hit him with a cane.

But once again the victim was able to overcome his assailants, and managed to flee the scene completely unharmed.

Three of the assailants have been arrested so far.


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