Police Blotters: 94th Precinct

Jewelry Store Tussle

A jewelry store clerk fought valiantly with a robber – and managed to chase him from the store, according to police.

On April 26th, at about 4:30 p.m., the robber entered the Bedford Avenue jewelry shop and grabbed items that were placed on the window display.

He was attempting to walk out of the store with the items, but the store clerk caught him in the act.

A tussle ensued, and the robber tried desperately pull away with the stolen goods, but was unsuccessful.

Sullied, the robber pushed the clerk, and ran out the store – but he wasn’t able to get too far.

Police arrested the man just two blocks away from the jewelry shop.

$5,000 Stolen from Parked Vehicle

A robber made off with $5,000 in cash that he stole from a parked vehicle on North 15th Street, according to police.

On April 24th, just after 2 p.m., the victim returned to his parked vehicle to discover that the driver’s side window had been broken, and his backpack, placed on the passenger seat was missing.

Apart from the money, the backpack contained some of the victim’s personal possessions.

There are no video cameras on the location, and police are continuing to investigate the matter.

Pants Stolen From American Apparel

An American Apparel Store on North 6th Street was robbed of two pairs of expensive pants, according to police.

On April 24th, at about 4 p.m., one of the store clerks noticed that two pairs pants – the store’s Easy Jeans and Disco Pants – worth $1,000 in total, were missing from the store.
The store has made its video surveillance footage available to the police who are continuing to investigate the matter further.

Stolen Pretzel Truck

A Pretzel vendor returned to his spot on the night of April 24th, only to notice that his vending cart had been stolen, according to police.

The operator of the truck had stepped away from his cart for some time and returned to the spot at about 8 p.m.

But when he approached the spot where his cart was parked – on Norman Avenue between Banker and Dobbin Streets – he noticed that the food truck had vanished.

There are no cameras on the scene, and police are continuing to investigate the matter.


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