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Woman Robbed of Over $2,000 of Luxury Goods

A 26-year-old woman was robbed at gunpoint of over $2,000 worth of goods while walking along Hope Street in South Williamsburg just before 9 p.m. on Monday, according to police.

The victim told police that she was walking along Hope Street between Havemeyer and Roebling Streets when she said unknown perpetrators approached her from behind.

One held up a gun against her back and shouted “get down,” several times. The perp then pointed the gun to the victim’s head and asked her to hand over her phone.

The perp and his accomplice then grabbed three bags the victim was carrying. In it were hundreds of dollars worth of designer goods including a Michael Kors bag, a Henri Bendel wallet, makeup, Ray Ban Sunglasses, and $150 in cash. The perps then made off on foot.

The police are continuing to investigate the incident.

Fight Over Flour

A neighbor attempted unsuccessfully to collaborate with an unidentified perpetrator to rob a 19-year-old at her apartment in the Stagg Houses in East Williamsburg on Tuesday, according to police.

At five minutes past midnight, a neighbor from the fourth floor visited the apartment of the victim, who lives on the third floor, to borrow some flour. The perp used this opening to barge into the apartment and attempted to grab the victim’s cell phone, according to police.

The victim and the perp got into a scuffle, which resulted in the perp tossing the victim’s phone out the window, and then hurrying out the apartment.

The police are currently on the lookout for the unidentified assailant.

Rude Return from Vacation

Two 25-year-old Montrose Avenue residents received a rude shock when they returned home from vacationing on March 13: their apartment had been robbed and ransacked, according to police.

One of the residents returned home around 9:30 p.m. that day realized that the bedrooms had been ransacked and a number of their expensive private possessions were missing – 2 Macbooks worth $1,500 each and a platinum ring worth $3,500 – just to name a few.

The victims told police that their apartment was locked but did not have a deadbolt mechanism on the front door. Apartments in the buildings are accessed through key cards. There appeared to be no sign of forced entry, according to police, and it appears that the perpetrator(s) had access to the card.

Police are continuing to investigate the matter.

Boutique Heist

Three fashion obsessed robbers made off with over $2,000 worth of goods from the boutique store, Bird, on Grand Street on March 12, according to police.

The salesperson working at the store at the time of the robbery, told police that three women entered the store just after 1 p.m., and asked to try on different pairs of shoes. Each time the salesperson would have to walk to the storage area in the basement to get the right sizes.

During one instance, when the salesperson returned, he discovered that the women had left – and had taken the store’s merchandise with them.

The trio nabbed 2 Alexander Wang bags worth $1,000 each and a pair of designer shoes.

Police are continuing to investigate the matter.

An Old Person’s Game

A 62-year-old woman was robbed of over $2,000 in a rouse orchestrated by another sexagenarian just after noon on March 11, according to police.

The suspect approached the victim on Graham Avenue and said that she would give the victim a bag full of $25,000 in cash if the victim would hand her $2,100 from the nearest bank.

The victim and the suspect then proceeded to the bank where the victim handed over the agreed upon cash to the suspect, according to police.

The suspect then asked her to go collect her cash from Woodhull Hospital, where she told the woman that an acquaintance of hers would be waiting with a bag.
There was no one to be found at the hospital.

Police are continuing to investigate the matter.

Mother Beats Child with Vinegar Bottle

An 11-year-old girl was the victim of a severe beating by the hands of her mother on the afternoon of March 9, according to police.

The Havemeyer Street resident told the police that her mother at first hit her with a bottle of vinegar, followed by a coat hanger, and then socked her multiple times around the eyes and the face.

It was unclear whether the abuse resulted from a previous argument, but just after 4 p.m., the victim left the house and made her way to her grandmother’s to report the incident.

The victim was taken to a child services counselor and the police took the mother into custody.


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