Jeff Mann Councilmember Reyna, Superintendent Winnicki, Principals and members of the district 14 CEC Jeff Mann

CEC Honors Reyna for Schools Advocacy

With Councilmember Diana Reyna’s term limit approaching, District 14 Principals joined Thursday’s Community Education Council (CEC) meeting to honor her for 12 years of support and hard work on behalf of the local school community.

Maria Masullo, Principal of MS 577, thanked Reyna for her advocacy when the school was in trailers and needed a safe location for its students. Denise Jamison remembered when the Councilmember came to greet and welcome her as a new principal of JHS 50. Principals Janine Colon (PS 196), Brian Walsh (MS 582), Carmen Asselta (PS 34) and Eric Windley (IS 318) praised her relentless energy as a champion of the community. “You have been the inspiration for us and for our students,” said District 14 Superintendent Alicja Winnicki, a sentiment echoed by all the educators that joined the CEC and its President Tesa Wilson to honor the Councilmember.

“We have proven citywide what a few years can do with the right leadership, to be to hold your ground with integrity and to soar with your mission,” Reyna told the CEC. “You were my mission. I never would have walked away from the children in this district. We lost many generations, and we were not about to lose our future. [Mostly], it was about you, as educators, knowing you were able to count on people who were going to allow you to teach.”

As a symbol of appreciation, the CEC presented Reyna with a trophy, in the shape of a flame, symbolizing her energy, force and fighting on behalf of the community.

“[Diana Reyna] has always been District 14’s closest and most fierce ally,” Wilson said. “[She] has intimate knowledge of our school community and has fought on all fronts for our kids. From playgrounds, to afterschool funding, and everything in between, she has secured funds that have enhanced our district schools. All 22 schools she represented benefited in some way from her direct advocacy. She’s the real deal, a true example of a public servant.”


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