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Walking in a Winter Wonderland at PS 250

After a dozen or so elementary school holiday shows, the performances can start to run together. But on Tuesday, December 18th, the PS 250 kids that performed for parents and teachers at a special “Winter Wonderland” event surely lived up to their school’s title, “the Williamsburg Magnet School for Communication and Multimedia Arts.”

PS 250 became a magnet school in 2011. Through the magnet grant, the school is able to expose students to different multimedia programs including photography, visual arts, music, drama, broadcasting, and podcasting.

And the kids are definitely capitalizing on the opportunity. Since last year, the school’s chorus has performed at Carnegie Hall and sang the National Anthem at a Mets game. Not to be outdone, their drama department has received a grant from Disney and performed scenes from “The Aristocats” on a Broadway stage.

At the Winter Wonderland, all those talents were on display, with the first and second graders performing a section from “Home for the Holidays.” The recorder and keyboard clubs as well as the acclaimed chorus, all consisting of third through fifth grade students, also helped put on a memorable show.

It would, of course, be impossible to run a successful program without a dedicated staff. The PS 250 faculty reached into their own pockets to donate raffle prizes, which included tickets to BAM’s “Alice in Wonderland,” board games, beauty gifts, and cookies from Fortunatos’.

First grade teacher Sandy Chertok said that the purpose of the Winter Wonderland was “to provide a wonderful winter activity for the students and school community and to help attract prospective parents.” Based on the thunderous applause in the school’s auditorium, the event was a success on all counts.


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