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For the Freshest Catch, Greenpoint Fish & Lobster is the Right Match

Filets of salmon and tilapia, scallops, and clams are just part of the wide selection on offer behind the clear-glass counters at Nassau Avenue’s newly opened fishmongers cum seafood bar, Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.

Opened last month amid much fanfare, including a write-up in the Times, which first announced news of its opening, Greenpoint Fish & Lobster joins a tiny handful of fish markets in the neighborhood like Acme Smoked Fish, and the Metropolitan Seafood Market.

At Greenpoint Fish & Lobster, sustainable seafood is the focus, and the founding duo behind the place, Adam Geringer-Dunn, and Vincent Milburn, want to act as the go-between for fisheries across the country and customers in the neighborhood.

For Geringer-Dunn and Milburn, the shop is a culmination of their shared lifetime passions. Seafood is music to their ears.

It’s how they met actually – working together in the music industry.

Milburn works as an entertainment lawyer and Geringer-Dunn manages and books bands.

“At some point, Vinny [Milburn] mentioned to me that if I ever wanted fish his family was in the seafood business and he could get me some great fish,” said Geringer-Dunn. “I didn’t think much of it until a year later when I had the idea to open a seafood market/raw bar and at that point. Vinny was the only person I knew that might have any experience and real knowledge about sourcing seafood. I pitched him the idea and we knew we had to make it happen.”

Milburn’s family has been in the seafood business in Boston for over 130 years, and he continues to handle the retail end of the business. Geringer-Dunn works as the executive chef and manages the customers upfront.

“I’ve been a pescatarian for 12 yrs and there is nowhere in North Brooklyn to buy get high-quality, fresh seafood,” said Gerringer-Dunn.

He has lived in Greenpoint for just over a year now, and lived in Williamsburg for six years prior to that. He said that the few places he could buy fish he would only find unsavory frozen fillets, and sellers had little knowledge of where the fish came from, the types that were available or how they acquired it.

At Geringer-Dunn’s shop, the fish comes from several suppliers all along the east coast, California, and Alaska.

Wooden bar stools are lined up along the inner half of the shop where Geringer-Dunn serves up Baja Fish Tacos, Spicy Green Thai Curry Mussels, fresh-shucked oysters, Lobster, and Pad Thai among a variety of options.

The shelves out front are lined with a range of local-made products like Salt Water Taffy from Salty Road, and spices from Greenpoint Trading Co.

The large windows out front allow passersby to watch the fishmongers slice away at the freshest produce the store has to offer.

And the customers, they keep pouring in.

Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co., 114 Nassau Ave., open daily 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., 718-349-0400, info@greenpointfishandlobster.com, for more information visit http://greenpointfish.com


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