122 Greenpoint Avenue, the site of a former poultry slaughter house that will be one of pit stops along the Scavenger Hunt on Sunday

In Greenpoint, There’s Now an Easter Egg Hunt for Adults Too

This Easter Egg Hunt promises to be a more grown up and boozier affair than its more traditional counterparts.

In celebration of the onset of spring, the Diamond Bar on Franklin Street is organizing an all-Greenpoint Easter Egg and Scavenger Hunt on Sunday.

“It always feels like we are getting involved in something that we probably shouldn’t…which I like,” said Dave Pollack, the co-owner of the bar. “I have seen the clues for the hunt and am sure it will appeal to Greenpointers familiar with the neighborhood’s quirks.”

Organized by the bar for the first time, the event promises to be the adult version of the Egg Hunt that takes place at McGolrick Park.

For participants the event will be a chance to get better acquainted with the neighborhood – learn about its history and discover some of its hidden architectural and cultural treasures.

“Greenpoint is a really interesting and magical place,” said Jamie Hook, who is helping to organize the Hunt for the Diamond Bar, and has lived in the neighborhood for the past six years. “There are all kinds of cool stuff hidden within this neighborhood.”

Participants can enter as individuals or as teams, and must sign up to receive the first clue for the hunt. Teams will then scour the neighborhood in search of clues, and bring back the requested items to the bar by 6 p.m. for the announcement of the winners.

“If people are going to be outside and enjoy the spring, and if they’re going to be drunk that day, they might as well do it with a purpose,” said Hook.

Participants have been encouraged to bring a smart phone, a camera, or a recording device to better facilitate the hunt.

Winners will walk away with a $50 bar tab and the person or team in second will receive $25, and as the organizers have described it on their event page, the team in third, “gets to beg our Sunday barkeep, Ms. Sarah Françoise, for forgiveness and a free beer.”

The event kicks off at 3 p.m. on Sunday and registration is open until 2:30 p.m. that day.

All-Greenpoint Easter Egg and Scavenger Hunt, The Diamond Bar, 43 Franklin Street, Register by email (dave@thediamondbrooklyn.com), phone (718/383-5030), or in-person at The Diamond, for more info visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1491929324352731/.


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