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Pete’s Candy Store Gets a Macabre Musical Guest

Starting Wednesday, March 5th, and returning subsequent Wednesdays in March, North Brooklyn’s indie music supergroup, Charming Disaster, are taking over Pete’s Candy Store, the popular performance space on Lorimer Street for a weekly performance and gin party.

Charming Disaster is comprised of Ellia Bisker who plays the Ukulele and Jeff Morris who plays the guitar. Both perform vocals for their band and both have North Brooklyn musical pedigrees – Bisker as lead singer of Sweet Soubrette for the past eight years and Morris as lead singer for the parlor rock band Kotorino for just over six years.

Both continue to perform for their respective bands, but decided to get together as a leisurely, less stress-inducing project on the side. Bisker and Morris said that it can often be difficult coordinating the schedules of different members of a band not to mention finding a rehearsal space, and paying reasonable compensation to each of the band members.

“I saw Jeff’s band, and I really liked the sound, and thought we were quite simpatico,” said Bisker.

“We got talking and realized it would be great to share a gig, it was compatible with what I was doing,” added Morris.

Neither professed to having much of a formal education in music: Morris spent a year at the Berklee College of Music and Bisker recalled attending music camp when she was younger, but they didn’t much need it anyway with their years of experience in the field mixed with their enthusiasm and creativity.

As it turned out Bisker and Morris shared a number of common interests; New Wave French Cinema, the illustrations of Edward Gorey, and various punk themes were just some of their shared interests. It’s what inspired them to write songs for the group, and made the process itself a lot more fluid.

The themes the duo is focusing on for their upcoming residency are death, crime and the supernatural. Their songs often tend to incorporate lyrics that tell stories about circus performers, people who steal cars, and people getting away, just to list a few.

The title of the band too, Charming Disaster, ties in perfectly with those themes.

“For the band name, we wanted to express something both rarified and beautiful yet doomed, like a drunken ballerina pirouetting next to an open window; a wonderful project that could never last,” said Morris.

The band’s first performance kicks off on the March 5. Leonard St.’s New York Distilling Company will be providing their Dorothy Parker Gin, which the duo is using to make an enticing cocktail special, the Grifter, for patrons of the performances.

For more information on the event visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/647618061968954. To find out more about the band visit http://www.charmingdisaster.com, and check out the latest at Pete’s Candy Store visit http://www.petescandystore.com.

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