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Introducing Café Rochelle

A new bakery specializing in French pastries and quality coffee, Café Rochelle is Greenpoint’s newest small business addition. Owners Marius Kulesza and Darius Plonski, old friends but new business partners, opened their doors two weeks ago to eager patrons.

In design and décor, the café is subtly French Rustic. Through the front doors, exposed brick forms arches over glowing, wall-mounted street lanterns. Cozy round tables, nestled between wicker chairs, provide a welcoming place to read, sip the café’s Intelligentsia coffee, and enjoy creative pastries, not to mention free Wi-Fi.

Towards the back of the café are two, well stocked pastry cases filled with Kulesza and Plonski’s creations. An entire shelf in the display is reserved for macaroons—among the many flavors are pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, coffee, and passion fruit. A special rose macaroon is the largest and, so far, the most sought-out of the bunch. Two rose-flavored macaroon cookies sandwich blueberries, raspberries, and a rose cream filling. The flavor’s flare translates in its presentation; the guilty pleasure is topped with a real rose petal.
Café Rochelle also offers fresh baked breads, including French baguettes, and baked-daily multigrain loaves. The cheesecake, soft and citrusy but not too sweet, is another patron favorite, Kulesza, a seasoned businessman and Francophile, pointed out. Flakey peach pastries and various unnamed fruit tarts grace Café Rochelle’s cupboards as well. Of course, the café carries the French staples: eclairs, Madeleine cookies, and financier cookies. Those craving Italian-inspired sweets can find Gelato and tiramisu.

“The quality of the food and of the coffee,” are some of the most unique aspects of Café Rochelle, according to Kulesza. For that reason, all of Café Rochelle’s products are made in house; the back of the Café functions as a fully equipped kitchen.

Kulesza appreciates good coffee, and is excited about the Intelligentsia brand that Café Rochelle carries. “This is really high quality coffee. Besides being different, it’s very high quality,” Kulesza, a Greenpoint resident for over 20 years, commented. “I know that people who live in Greenpoint appreciate quality,” Kulesza continued,” that is why we make everything fresh, everyday.”

In coming weeks, Café Rochelle expects to be carrying an assortment of new, interesting cakes, and certain Fall-inspired pastries. Birthday cakes and wedding cakes can be made to order.

Café Rochelle
940 Manhattan Avenue
Sun – Sat 7am -9pm


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