Friday 07 Mar 2014

Triskelion Arts presents Launch Movement Experiment & Second Nature

Location: The Aldous Theater - 118 North 11th Street, 3rd Floor - 8:00PM

Triskelion Arts presents a shared program with Launch Movement Experiment and Second Nature: two extraordinary, yet distinctly different groups of improvisers.

Nature (Cassie Tunick, Heather Harpham, Danny Tunick) perform Conversations in Unmetered Time. The performers frame an ongoing and unusual physical conversation with altered rhythms, characters encountered in a dream, and an immediately visceral instrumental landscape. Dance, speech, and live music collide inside a kaleidoscopic atmosphere, making much of micro-moments. The dance of the imperfect. The waltz of pathos. The grammatical gone awry. Second Nature slyly exposes the travails of the tiny human swerving from Chaplinesque to blithely macabre to real-as-your-hometown in the space of a breath. This is an entirely improvised world.

Launch Movement Experiment creates in real-time. The piece is a pure improvisation within three distinct boundaries: Pause: wait, decide what the next move will be. Flow: muscles and their memories react, establish, expand. Exit: turn around. see what you left behindmove on? The players consider this practice a complete blend of abstract movement and reality. It is performance as living practice. Moves by Rachel Mckinstry & Patrick Ferreri. Lights by Andy Dickerson.

Tickets: $15, available at More Info:


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